Effect of cardioactive principle of methanolic extract of Allium humile leaves on global ischaemic rat heart

Yogita Dobhal, Versha Parcha, D.C. Dhasmana


Objective: In present study efficacy of active principle (AH-1) of methanolic extract of Allium humile leaves has been evaluated to limit myocardial injury in ischaemic rat heart.

Methods: Various extracts of A. humile leaves were prepared using solvents of increasing polarity. Methanolic extract among all other extracts further purified using chromatographic technique results four major fractions A1, A2, A3, and A4. These fractions screened for cardioprotective potentials. Among these fractions A4 was found to be active fraction. AH-1 (active principle) was isolated from the fraction A4 using column chromatography technique and evaluated for cardioprotective effect.

Results: The methanolic extract of A. humile leaves and further fraction A4 of methanolic extract significantly prevented myocardial infarct size as compared with that of standard ramipril in the study. From fraction A4 of methanolic extract, the isolated active principle AH-1 showing cardioprotective effect at dose level of 50 mg/kg body weight.

Conclusions: The study suggests that AH-1 is active cardioprotective principle of methanolic extract of A. humile leaves and was found significant (p˂0.05).


Allium humile, Chromatography, Ischaemia, Ramipril, Reperfusion

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