Cephalosporins: pharmacology and chemistry

Kiran Shahbaz


Cephalosporins are the most important antibiotics having β-lactam ring and are obtained from a fungus Acremonium, also known as cephalosporium. The wide use of cephalosporins against bacteria in various severe infections such as respiratory tract infection (RTI), skin infection and urinary tract infection (UTI) has led the scientist dive into the detail of this antibacterial drug. The knowledge about structural activity relationship (SAR), spectrum of inhibition (SOI), chemical properties and pharmacology of cephalosporin has pivotal impact to device advanced therapeutic results. The treatment of a disease using cephalosporin has many pros and cons. If the pharmacology and chemical properties of this drug are known properly, many side effects can be diminished or minimized to a certain level. This article review some pharmacological and chemical properties of cephalosporins.


Cephalosporin, Antibiotics, Pharmacology, Cefixime, β-Lactams

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.26510/2394-0859.pbe.2017.36


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