Synthesis, characterization and biological evaluation of Schiff’s bases derivatives as potent antibacterial agents

Versha Parcha, Ankit Kumar, Babita Mahajan, Jaswinder Kaur


Objective: To design, synthesize and screen biologically newer Substituted Schiff bases by condensing substituted acid hydrazides with various benzaldehydes and explore their antimicrobial potential.

Methods: Present study synthesis of various derivatives of Schiffs bases was carried out by: firstly converting substituted acids to acid hydrazides and then to Schiff's bases after condensation with substituted benzaldehyde. Synthesized compounds were characterised on the basis of spectral studies (like UV, IR, and NMR). All the synthesized derivatives were screened further for their antibacterial effect against Salmonella typhimurium, Shigella sonnei, Staphylococcus aureus& Bacillus cereus.

Results: From this study it could be observed that schiff’s bases 2-[( aminophenylhydrazinyldene o,m,dinitrobenzoyl] aniline (H) and compound 2-[( aminophenylzinyldene) p amino benzoyl] aniline (I) showed very good zone of inhibition against almost all strains tested for.

Conclusions: So further attempts could be made to extend the series and explore their antibacterial potential to achieve hopeful goal.


Antimicrobial, Schiff’s base, Shigella sonnei

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