Understanding Bell's palsy –a review

B. Prabasheela, V. Sakithya, V. Nandhini, M. Logeshwari


Bell’s palsy is a unilateral, lower motor neuron weakness of the facial nerve. Facial dysfunction has a dramatic effect on a patient’s appearance, psychological wellbeing and quality of life. Bell’s palsy has been described in patients of all ages, and is more common in adults than in children.The causes of the paralysis still remain unknown. Establishing the correct diagnosis is imperative and choosing the correct treatment options can optimize the likelihood of recovery. Hence this review deals with etiology, signs and symptoms, diagnosis and treatment management for Bell’s palsy.


Bell's palsy, paralysis, anoxia, corticosteroid, decompression, regeneration

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.26510/2394-0859.pbe.2017.20


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