Nutritional effect, care and support for patients with tuberculosis among diabetes: a study from Warangal district

Sireesha Tanniru, Syed Asha, Lavanya Poonem, Divya Murahari, Malathi jojula, Suman T.


Objective: Tuberculosis is one of the important infections among the diabetes as per our study and survey reports. Diabetes mellitus has been reported to modify the presenting features of pulmonary tuberculosis, but there are varying data, particularly regarding the association with lower lung field involvement. In our study we would like to determine whether diabetes mellitus alters the clinical and radiographic manifestations of tuberculosis in hosts and to define the determinants of lower lung field involvement due to effect of nutrition supply.

Methods: A total of 500 diabetes were identified from both rural and urban population and were confirmed the diabetic status based on questioner and consent of patients. Off 500 patients 200 suspects with bronchial infections was tested for other bacterial and Tuberculosis infections by Grams staining, and culture on Nutrient and blood Agar for bacterial infections based on the staining and culture they were identified to be grams positive or Grams negative bacterial infections.

Results: We had conducted a survey and study in Warangal and adjoing districts of Telangana state during 2014- 2017 period, in the study we had counseled approximately 1000 -2000 populations off which 500 were suspects for early diabetes based on the symptoms and clinical investigations off 500 were able to found 200 diabetic type 2 causes.  Off 200 55 were positive for tuberculosis all the suspects were counseled for their nutritional status and other prevailing side effects with treatment.

Conclusions: Based on this study we had tried to evaluate the effect, care and support of nutritional among diabetic TB patients.


Tuberculosis infection, diagnosis, Nutrition, Diabetes

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